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Had the pleasure of meeting Billy Parker this afternoon. He stopped at our shop, Pyett Spring & Alignment in Caistor Centre, Ontario. A very interesting fellow, he said he was on his way to Edmonton. He asked if I had an extra room or couch he could use for the night. I'm a women who lives alone but still felt so bad when I had to reply I didn't. I gave him some money to get a hot meal. I hope he finds a place to stay tonight.


If you are still looking for Billy Parker, he is heading east along the Lakeshore Road toward Dunnville from port Dover. We met him yesterday, Sunday. He said he'd be stopping in Dunnville for coffee and I imagine he'd be looking for a place to sleep for the night. Interesting fellow.


I met him today I gave him a ride from London to st Thomas a really nice guy that I will now try to follow on the net

Mike Lubinskyj

He is at our house right now on the shores of Lake Erie We are happy to help out with a meal and a bed to sleep in... safe travels!!!

Joel Johnson

Sat. Aug. 20th Billy left Wallaceburg ON, walking his bike, heading to a bicycle trail in Pt. Lambton. Destination Sarnia ON.


Billy stayed in my camper last night.
Very friendly guy with lots of interesting stories.
We had a little dinner and some beer and then walked to the Tin Man's for more beer, a campfire, and to make requests of the Tin Man's extensive vinyl collection. Billy likes Molly Hatchet ;)
He was up early and on his way this morning headed for Corunna (Go Derek Drouin)and then onto Sarnia and past with the long term goal of Thunder Bay. WTG Billy, Stompin' Tom is smiling down on ya :)


We saw Billy Parker pushing his bike on the Putnam road near Ingersoll, then we next saw him on King Street West travelling through Ingersoll. When I Went out to pick up the blue bins at the end of our driveway, he was there and introduced himself to me. He was hot and sweating (wearing black) and had a bottle of water to drink in his hand. He briefly told me of his journeys and that I could look him up on the internet. He then asked where he could camp around here. Like anyone else, I wasn't sure how to take him but now I see he is "for real" and admire that he is living his dream. I wished him well, as he was heading away as he told me his future destination was going "North" to Barrie via Wasaga Beach.


I met Billy at the McDonald in Ingersoll Tuesday Sept 6, he reminds of the crazy and wacky dreams of my youth. had the pleasure of buying him breakfast. Go Billy, Go. Ride for my dreams too!


Billy stayed at my Motel in Niagara falls for the 3rd time in the last 5 years i have known him .
Very friendly guy with lots of interesting stories.
He was up early and on his way this morning headed for the Falls (Living the dream wishing him best of luck ,and safe travel .

Roger Hall

Met Billy cycling across Ontario a week ago my wife and I were cycling cross country the other way. I wasn’t impressed he is a grifter not a drifter and seems to me like he wants everyone else to help fund his cycling Odessy taking advantage of people’s kindness where ever he can. Final straw of our conversation was when he asked us for money to buy a cup of coffee at the next town.

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