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note: the city story has been sanitised for the insurers benefit:

NOTE: no mention of crosswalk, denial of cellphone use, claim of within speedlimit (I thought the speedlimit was 0 at a crosswalk with someone in it). Then lack of helmet despite she died of massive chest injuries


on stopping:




"Little girl dead in crosswalk; driver “well within speed limit”

Our colleague Joe Hendry caught this one, pulled it to earth and wrestled with it for a minute. It’s a report from CITY TV’s news website about the seven-year-old girl who was killed by a construction van while crossing the street on her bike in front of her house. In a crosswalk. Just behind her brother on his bike, who crossed first and whom the driver had managed not to hit and kill.

Victoria Jones died after riding into the path of an oncoming vehicle in front of her house at Warden and Sheppard Ave. Initial reports suggested the driver may have been distracted and talking on a cell phone, but police now say that wasn’t the case. They also add that he was driving well within the speed limit.

As Joe puts it, “Perhaps CITY-TV could tell the family what exactly is the speed limit for driving through a pedestrain crosswalk with a 7 year-old girl in the middle of it. I thought it was zero.”

Members of Toronto’s Advocacy for Respect for Cyclists have planned a memorial ride to the site of the collision, scheduled for Tuesday, September 4th. Details are below:

What: Cyclist Memorial When: Tuesday September 4th 8pm. Meet: Spadina and Bloor 6pm. or 630pm if you are taking the subway. Re-group at Warden Station (outside west entrance) at appx. 7pm., departing 715pm Memorial site. Bay Mills Blvd near Warden appx. 8pm

Please bring candles and/flowers. It will be dark for our return ride home.

For more info Darren Stehr 416-707-4744 or Derek Chadbourne 416-828-0370 www.respect.to"


#10 (#3 Toronto):


"Two hours later, a cyclist was killed while riding over a bridge on Pharmacy Ave., north of Lawrence Ave E.

The man, in his mid-30s, was thrown to his death after being struck on the bridge just after 3 a.m., said Duty Officer Dave Viljak of Toronto Emergency Services.

Reynolds said the death is being treated as a hit and run.

"A vehicle remains at the scene, but there's no driver associated with it," he said. "It's a pretty hairy scene."

There were no witnesses to the incident, said Reynolds."




Victoria Ann Hazel Jones

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On Tuesday August 28th a beautiful seven-year-old girl, “Queen” Victoria Anne Hazel Jones, lost her life riding her bicycle across a crosswalk. It would be hard to imagine a more tragic circumstance.

The area in which she lived is divided by a road with townhomes on one side and a school with a playground on the other. The area screams that there are children around, especially with the attraction of a playground across the street. This is exactly what Victoria was doing, using the playground across from her home. So natural. This should have never happened.

Exactly what happened just before she got hit is still not clear and may never be. Her two brothers tell an entirely different story to what happened than the media has. I am not going to debate what happened here. Regardless of how accountable the driver is for this, he will have to live with a lifetime of that day.

On September 4th I along with other cyclists and the ‘Advocacy for Respect for Cyclists’ held a cyclist memorial for Victoria. As you can see in the short Youtube video we had installed a Ghostbike at the location. Since removed at the family’s request, it was too much of a reminder to bear for them so close to their home.

As we were packing up to go home Victoria’s family arrived home from belated back-to-school shopping and came to spoke with us. Victoria’s father, Christopher, presence was strongly felt, I do not know how to exactly describe it but it was fierce. It seemed that he was mustering all of his strength trying to balance outrage, tragedy with love and sorrow all the while being strong for his family. He told us that losing a child is, “not like losing your brother”. I could not even began to imagine the pain he was feeling, just the mere thought is agony. He told us he has not had a chance to cry yet because Victoria has five other brothers and sisters he and his wife have to care for. You could see that pressure bearing down on him when you looked in his eyes.

I have talked to several families that have lost loved one’s to cycling incidents. The questions are always the same, who was with them when they passed. Did anyone hold their hand? Did anyone try to comfort them? This causes them so much pain knowing that they died alone. In this respect Christopher and his wife were really fortunate, though I do not know if they would find this of any solace in such a tragedy. When Victoria needed her father the most he was there. He and his wife cradled Victoria on the road as she took her last breaths knowing her parents loved her and that they were there.

I hope that Christopher finds peace in the next little to lie down and cry for Victoria.

Queen Victoria Ann Hazel Jones. R.I.P.

Megan Pettit

I would just like to take the time to thank all the people who took the time to support me and my family. As you are probably aware it has been very difficult for us.

in regards to the accident, victoria was in the middle of her two brothers...one brother was at the far side of the crosswalk by the school, she was next, then her other brother with a friend were in the lead while her youngest brother was standing on the hill in front of the house... when victoria got hit...so yes it even boggles my mind how he didn't see her and obviously he didn't look or would have seen that the crosswalk hadn't cleared...her oldest brother was behind them all and therefore witnessed the whole thing...because her other brother had his back turned to her as he was leading the way
I am only sorry that i didn't know earlier of the ride or I would have joined you in support of your cause and in memory of my daughter.

Again a sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support, it means a lot to me and my family in our time of need.

Sandra Somerville

Thank you very much for your beautiful article on Victoria Jones. We are grateful for your support and caring thoughts. We are amazed by all the comfort and support from all groups, The cleanup of the area, during the nights make us wonder, no charges for the driver as yet is disturbing. We cannot fathom how this happened, we love Victoria more and more each day and grieve for her...we can honestly say we feel other people's pain who lose a child to similar circumstance.
We know we are on a long painful journey to heal
Thank you again
Sandy Somerville
Victoria's grandmother

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