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Sweet! I work in Cambridge and this is the first year we participated in the Challenge. 14 staff saved over 1,500 kms the week of the challenge.
Sour. This was only 13% of our staff.
Sweet! One lady tried the Ixpress from Kitchener bought a monthly pass the second day and hasn't drove her car to work since. She expects to save about $200/month.
Sweet! Two ladies from Kitchener travelled to work on the Ixpress with their bikes and then rode their bikes home after work.
Sweet! Some of us have kept using alternate means to commute and that's what it is all about.


Absolutely sweet, Bruce. Fantastic that this was a habit-changing, even a life-changing, experience for your co-workers. It's great to know that others are learning that the North American experience doesn't have to be defined by the car.

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