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Frank Xavier`

About a month ago, had the time on a Saturday morning to go to the Police Auction in Breslau. Never had been to one...wanted to find out what the final judgement of value would tell me.

Several 2008 nearly brand new bikes from Brauns...probably bought for $700-$800.00 sold for about $300.00. One had $175.00 worth of accessories.

Several exotic vintage road race bikes of the 60's and 70's were sold for under $200.00...these bikes were $1000.00 bikes in their own day...do the inflation calc and you have a multiplier of 4.0 x $1000.00 to get 2008 dollars which is about the same price as a Lance Armstrong bike today or a Greg Lamond.

Almost nothing else was sold for much more than $200.00...with most being less than $100.00. These lower prices did not include the piles of "part bikes" which were lumped in piles of 8-12 bikes and sold as lots..for less than $50.00 a pile. Slightly more than scrap value)

My trusty old Specialized Crossroads(15 years old)....is probably a $75.00 bike at best. Unfortunately, theauction tells you what the ultimate value of anything is at an instant in time...but my bet is that you might best sell your heirloom for what the market will bear and move on...because your grand kids probably won't want an early 2000's bike regardless of its merit. Fewer and fewer people even know what an adjustable wrench is.


175 mm cranks are long for me and 60cm stretches my comfort zone. That said that is a nice bike. Leave it up at the asking IMHO. Carbon isn't the panacea it has been made out to be and aluminum is no joy either. Steel is real. 105 is nice stuff.

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