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Tyson Reiser

Thanks for the mention Bill.

I do want to clarify that I have also had some great experiences with GRT Drivers.

I would hope that the whole system does not get condemned, but rather this specific incident is taken seriously.

Ideally, there will be some assurance from GRT management there will be some corrective action to prevent future behavior; possibly a disciplinary or training policy change regarding cyclists and drivers. Neither of these corrective actions (or any others) were supplied as an internal policy of the GRT from management regarding cyclists.

I will keep everyone updated as to the resolution, if any, from GRT.

Thanks and Ride Safe,



Tyson, have you been equally as diligent in reporting the 'great' or exceptional experiences you have had with GRT drivers, or do you only seek publicity for the 'bad' ones?


Hi Darlene, I think Tyson made it clear that he has had good experiences with GRT drivers. But since respectful behaviour is the expected standard, the bad behaviour does make news, because it is sub-standard. Driver education is needed to bring the sub-standard up to the expected standard.

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