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crazy glue does one thing well: adheres thumb to digit of your choice.
before bits of bumper poke jauntily from potholes paved with glass epoxied rippleware that have differing thermal expansion rates to the surrounding blacktop, please reconsider your solution. These things will pop and sink at a rate far less predictable than the norm for bikelane cold patch fillers.
that bit of road motorholics seem determined to force bicyclists into is hazardous enough due to its marginal width. Adding motor jetsem to the mix will make it all the less endearing.


"Next, I'll work on peace in our time."

Actually Bill, a fuller understanding of how to achieve 'moments of inebriated lucidity' without alcohol might be more helpful.


You should not have put that out in public. You should go t the government and get massive grants fro everything from infrastructure rebuilding to green living. Why should the banks and car companies get all the money.

Tom B.

I've often wondered "where does all the tire rubber go?"

Obviously car tires wear down over distance traveled. Treads get shallower as rubber comes off the tire. So where does it all go? Multiply the rubber lost off 4 tires (with trucks maybe more!) and then multiply that by the number of vehicles on the road.

Where does all the rubber go? And why can't we use it to turn roads into nice soft landings when we take a corner too fast and end up with road rash!

Alan M

To Tom B.: it all goes into our lungs as nice black dust. If, like me, you ride tires with a not-black traction surface, you notice how dirty your tires are when riding in the city, and how clean they are when riding country roads. That's mostly tire rubber dust.

And, ground up (recycled) tires are used as an additive in asphalt.


Ummm, black rubber dust in the lungs. Yummy. Remind me again why I like being a road cyclist. It was the fresh air, right?

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