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The sentence reinforces the notion that drinking/drugging and driving isn't really that serious, and we (as in our society) agree that these types of outcomes/consequences are quite acceptable.

Leon Cook

20 years ago I cycled in Chilliwack whilst visiting family.

This is just shameful.

Court Watcher

I'm certain that this was a "special case" and the compassion Mr. McKay showed was in the best of judgments considering many factors beyond some headline merit.

And I'm very certain that someday you'll also see Mr. Mckay seem far too harsh in a similar case - where lawyers have again almost tied sainthood to a crime, and Mr. Mckay will see for the law, for society, the victim, the criminal's family, for the criminal that a lengthy imprisonment best. That's progressive legal judgement. It creates respect for the law when judgement illustrate a desire to require best result as a measure of best judgement.

The innocence of the victims and the horror like one of fate can not be diminished. However, dealing with the criminal is separate from dealing with the victims and separate from the establishment of a crime. Tying the three together for poetics and artistic expression and not separated by reason and a better purpose often a problem.


Court watcher: Your compassion is a humbling thing. You have reminded me that no case is cut and dried. And there could have been another, more appropriate sentence: that Mr. Peters could show true responsible behaviour and assume mentorship for the two children whose lives he has altered.

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