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Alan M

There would appear to be an acceleration of bicycling awareness, culture and impact in Vancouver these days.

Not only are they embarking on the Bike Share experiment, they've long had a well-developed cycling network and signage and they're also the home of Momentum Magazine (www.momentumplanet.ca) which is becoming a very successful magazine for self-propelled people, with nary a hint of lycra.

Recently, Vancouver also saw the launch of a cycling-specific wayfinding website. See http://www.cyclevancouver.ubc.ca/

They started with the Google Maps infrastructure, including mapping data, application programming interface and presentation toolkit, and then layered in city GIS data, and then added a route-finding script specific to cyclists’ needs.

With this as a model, any other urban area with a transportation department that has a GIS inventory including bicycle facilities (activated signals, lanes, etc), ought to be able to replicate the function. I’d wager they’d share the “how” of what they’ve done. What they’ve accomplished sets a new standard for wayfinding in urban areas.

Yep, looks like Vancouver is running neck and neck with Seattle as a very cycling-friendly place to live. The rest of us should be so lucky!


BikeShare won't work as long as humans are involved. Sure you'll see some successes in some places, but at the end of the day..."Humans are Stupid" and will only abuse, destroy, and steal the bikes used in this great idea.

oh well.

Jeff S.

I agree with Tom. Eventually, and probably within a year, most of the bikes will be destroyed, stripped for parts or abandoned in a tree somewhere. It's a waste of money. It would be better to sell them to those in need of transport at a drastically reduced price (but not free!)


Even the most successful systems are still losing tons of money. Helmet laws are only going to make it worse. It makes me so angry to think of the millions and millions of dollars the government is willing to pour down this feel-good hole.

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