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...a way to bunch peds together...

...in a manner that they are invisible to the right turn lane speeders until it's too late (for driver's who don't stop for red lights).

Walking my bicycle across a street tonight, I found my headlight, handheld, worked well to frighten one red-light's-don't-apply-to-me driver into making a full stop.

Quoting the driver's facial reaction: "Oh, my! What's going on? There's someone there? Walking? Within the crosswalk?"

My hope is that driver will realize it's worth paying more attention to the surroundings and obeying our traffic laws.


as the only witness i feel to be fair it should be noted the cyclist rode onto the street while the truck had previously entered the crosswalk to make the turn . Tragically the side of the truck knocked the front tire over and the cyclist with the bike. Riding on the wrong side of the street on the side walk is dangerous for the cyclist and puts them at risk. But the truck driver couldnt see the cyclist . very sad

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