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Any new bike is worthy of joy but being able to ride again is great all by itself.

Susan in Vancouver

My husband and I have been looking for new commuter bikes (which includes what we have for winter out here in Vancouver). We're thinking pretty seriously about the Hold Steady that MEC has put together. A really nicely thought out package.


I bought a new winter beater bike today at Recycle Bicycles and they had a really nice brown men's Norco bike for $90; it looked like it was in great shape. You can't go wrong at that price!

Jeff S.

Congrats on the good news!

Susan Koswan

Hi Bill,
I realize this is months after the fact, but I just found your blog and sorry to hear about the aneurysm. My partner had a thought about the "bent over biking position" and the first thing he thought of was using a recumbent bike. I notice you've already got a link to Bicycle Forest,with Brent's vast collection of recumbents and bike oddities.


Hi Susan,
I've thought about recumbents, too, but no medical expert or recumbent maker will recommend one for this condition. Not that it isn't a good idea, but there are no stats on it and very little experience with the recumbent solution, so no one wants to open themselves to liability by saying, Try it.

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