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Hello - he was last seen biking in the Roseville area just outside of kitchener.

Lady Boomer

Bill stayed overnight with us on July 25, 2010. We live about 30 km south of Beaverton, so he hadn't traveled very far from the date of your last post (April). He was undecided about detouring next to Toronto and then Niagara Falls, or heading on to Ottawa.

If you would like to read about our encounter, please see my posts:

Bette Hodgins (aka Lady Boomer)

Gerard and Barb VanDyk

Bill stayed over night with us last night.Dec.20 2010
It was mid after noon when this stranger showed up at our door.Very polite but appeared a little strange ask if he could stay on our property over night.Taken a little off Gard. I told him let me call my husband..I invited him in but only because our friend was here. Any way we offered him the couch for the night. He shared a big bowel of chile and a roast beef sandwich. we left him 2 the tv..And in the morning he had some coffee and ask for some more chile.
I packed him a turkey sandwich along with a few peanut-butter sandwiches..along with some cookies and snacks.Very nice man helped my husband take the trash and recycle 2 the curb..And our dog just loved him 2 bits Good Luck 2 u Bill

Gerard and Barb VanDyk

that is just north of markham...damn cold out and gave him a safety vest to help keep him safe from traffic.all the best bill

John and mary Ann

Jan.5 2011 just met Bill in Grimsby ont.Invited him in for coffee and lunch.Talked about his wonderful and sometimes bizzare adventures along the way..And then on his way to Niagara Falls. God go with you Bill.

Cheryl Klassen

Hi, we're the Klassens from St. Catharines, Ont. and William stayed with us on Saturday, Jan. 8, 2011.My husband found Bill in Jordan Station. They were having a snow storm in Jordan, so my husband offered to help him and told him he could stay at our house for the night. Bill had a lot of stories to tell us about his travels around Canada. We fed him supper and sent some food and drinks with him on Sunday morning as Bill was leaving to go to Niagara Falls then make his way back to Sudbury to leave his bike and take a bus home. We enjoyed his company and the stories as well. Hope he has a safe journey home.

Brian Kenney

Bill stayed with us on Wednesday, north of Waterdown. He was headed north to Sudbury.


January 26, 2011
Bill had talked with my friend in Burlington. She is in a wheelchair and has her little dog with her almost all of the time. I didn't know that she had talked with Bill until I was talking with her this evening. Bill had stopped at my door in Strabane Ontario this afternoon. Since I rent and live alone I called my friend down the road whom I knew would give him shelter for the night.
Bill did seem very nervous and talked incessently. My friend has four older sons living in their home and she and her husband and boys thought nothing of helping him out. When I stopped by for tea after supper he had had a nice warm meal and a bedroom and bed to sleep in. He was up in his bedroom when I was there but aparently had told a host of stories at dinner.

Rusty Shackleford

Yes, Bill is still biking and bumming it here in Ontario. He was last in the Elmvale Ontario area where he took refuge from wet snow in a luxurious 37 foot 5th wheel trailer with all the amenities. This after a feed of wings, pizza and beer(s). It was the night of the Music Awards (Sunday February 13th, 2011). Bill didn't care much for them and demanded we watch the AMC channel.

He also availed himself of whatever small items he thought he could talk us out of (paint, tape, vinyl, etc). Kind of a weird funny guy, lots of stories but most of them rather disjointed and difficult to follow.

He left in the morning and headed towards Coldwater, Ontario on foot. Never did actually see him riding his bike that day. We hope he makes it back to the west sometime before the world finally ends.

True Religion Outlet

I just got a note today from Syl and Steve Pauls of Beaverton, Ont., who invited Parker to join them for a turkey dinner and packed him a turkey sandwich for his trip on toward Toronto.

Trish Haak

Bill spent last night (March 29th 2011) sleeping in our apple cooler. He said he was rather comfortable and slept for about 12 hours. He joined us in the morning for coffee didn't want breakfast just directions to the Golden Arches. We packed up a salami sandwich, some nuts, and 2 cans of juice for his lunch and he was on his way. Agree that he is rather peculiar with lots of interesting stories and facts.
We wish him well on his journey.
Jake & Trish Haak Port Perry, Ontario


He's here in Carp, ON. We are a small village outside of Ottawa. He's heading out early tomorrow. What a great personality he has!

Barb and Al Kellar

May 15, 2011 Bill Parker knocked on our back door requesting lodging for the night. He spent the afternoon sharing his stories and doing maintenance on his bike and gear. We invited him for a meal, put him up in our spare bedroom, offered a care package and a little cash and he was on his way again before 6am the next morning. Making his way to the #2 highway from here, (#7 highway) north of Tweed Ontario. Heading west to Toronto. Spirit rides with you Bill, be safe!

Ed & Marjorie Hoekstra

August 15, 2011: If this is the same Bill Parker, he is currently at our house. He arrived around 4 this afternoon, hailing from Edmonton. He told us he's been on the road since early March of this year, and hopes to make Winnipeg his final destination by the end of October. He stayed with us for supper, with 3 of our sons, and then crashed for the night shortly thereafter in our trailer to keep dry for the night. He hopes to be gone by 7am after breakfast with us.


I think Bill Parker is in the process of creating a legend. But you didn't say where he is now... that is, where do you live?

Ed & Marjorie Hoekstra

August 16, 2011: After a quick breakfast with us, Bill left to check out the town of Dunnville, where we live, before making his way to Brantford...likely along the Grand River.

Happy Trails, Bill.


He was in Tavistock on Saturday night and heading to Stratford early Sunday morning. Slept in my garden shed after spending some time at my neighbours party.
Ride on Bill!!

Yvonne Veldboom

Nov 12, 2011 Bill's still on the road, though it seems he's travelling in circles. He's back in the Niagara region, crashing at our farm in Vineland, and heading on to Niagara Falls tomorrow.

Chris Mederak

Bill came to my door yesterday looking for a place to stay. I am between Fergus and Arthur. He was going to come back and talk to my husband as soon as he came home from work since I was hesitant about letting a total stranger and I do put a little emphasis on the strange part of stranger come in while I was alone. He never returned so he must have found lodging somewhere else.

robert racknor

Mr. Bill stopped into Drumbo at our residence Dec.27,2011. It was a cold and hungry fellow on a over loaded bike certainly not fit to be out in the cold.
We gave him shelter and food and decided that he was a most unusual character and told colorful stories about his travels.

Shirley Hergert

Bill Parker road into Denny Bus Lines near Erin, Ontario today March 27, 2012. Bill inquired about a place to stay for the night. My husband called me to ask if he could bring him home. We live near Alton and had a most enjoyable evening hearing his quirky trivia facts. He has an amazing memory and added a couple of things to his so called "archives". We shared a spagetti dinner that he took to his bedroom and ate later. He had such a huge plate full we think he must have finished it for breakfast. He said he was heading to Toronto to see the CN Tower then off to Oshawa. Has he ever made it home yet? We didn't know much about Bill until we googled his name and here you have this blog on him. Mystery man ride into the sunset on your bike ready to take on another day, who knows where? Be safe in your adventures! A very nice, harmless man. If you cross paths with him, enjoy his company for an entertaining evening. Wayne and Shirley Hergert

Kathi and Joe Lukasik

We met Billy Parker today in Hagersville, en route to Stratford. We had never heard of him before. What an AMAZING person and a GREAT story. God Bless you Billy Parker! Wish we had spent more time with you and offered you more than just a Timmy 's lunch. Kathi and Joe, Stoney Creek

Bill and Betty Newhouse

We had Bill Parker visit us a few years ago. On Hwy 10 at the south end of Caledon, Ont. I just googled his name to see what he is up to and found your blog. I see our friends Wayne and Shirley Hergert had a visit from him a few months ago. small world lol. We enjoyed talking with him all evening and I recall Bill eating a huge homemade burger and taking another one with him for the night. He put up a little pup tent beside our barn and was gone in the morning.

Harvey Gray

Just met Billy at my parents house..near Orillia Ontario. Quirky guy dropped in and asked for a place to stay for the night, caged a beer or two and a meal or two off my mom and dad while entertaining us with his quirky stories. Supposedly still heading for Sudbury to make his way home for the winter.

Nancy & Richard

Billy is alive and well and full of lively conversation & a huge smile ... quite the character and certainly seemed to enjoy dinner and conversation. He is safely esconced out in our RV for the night in the Orono area ... heading towards Toronto tomorrow for a visit to the CN Tower and north from there. Keep your eyes & ears open ... you might have a cheerful fellow arrive at your home looking for some company, a couple of beers, a bite to eat, some pop and a safe place to lay his head. Safe travels!

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