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John Strachan

Billy is staying with us tonight
we are at the northeast end of Markham
he wants to try to get to the CN tower tomorrow
and a couple of other places that slip my mind
we washed off his bike and lubed it all up
he had steak and potatoes with us for dinner
excellent dinnerloper
threw him in the shower,washed all of his clothes
dried everything off
gave him a few fresh clothes and pj bottoms and long underwear
and sent him off to bed
will get him up for coffee and a bite around 6:00 A.M.
and try to report later


John and Kathy Strachan

Billy stayed over at my place last night
arrived soaking wet and smelling like a wet blanket from a kennel
threw him in the shower, washed and dried all his clothes, gave him some clean clothes, socks and jammies, fed him steak and potatoes (his favourite)had a few coffees with him and sent him to bed.
Got him up, filled him with porridge and fruit, coffee and made him some sammitches and sent him on his way to see the CN Tower. Sun was shining this morning as he set off to the big town .... we live just north of Markham. He is setting his sites on North Bay to end this journey and bus home. Safe trip, Billers. John and Kathy, Kirk and D.


Billy Parker rested his head in Wainfleet last night. Up and on his way by 7:30 this morning...pouring rain and all.

Mark from Breslau

Bill Parker stopped and asked to stay with us last night. We put him our garage with carpet on a heated floor. He was so happy with this arrangement. Told us his recent encounter with a bull moose. My wife Jackie made him a pulled pork sandwich with a hot coffee. This morning I got up to check on him and he was gone. Last day for free coffee at McDonalds. Good Luck in your travels Wild Bill Parker.

Stallard Family

Bill is with us right now in Pottageville, King Township staying in our Argosy airstream. Shared great stories tonight, ate lots of food and took many photos. Have loaded him up with food and drinks for the road. For the next host he loves caffeine-needs a supply of soda. Will wake him for breakfast before he heads on out to Nobleton for Tim Hortons coffee. For those keeping track or wanting to play host he is making his way to Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville on through to Niagara Falls.

Robert De Laplante

Billy sure gets around. He spent the night April 29, 2013 at our place in Stoney Creek, Ontario. He was on his way here and we were on our way out....we saw him coming down the street, with that BIG, recognizable smile. (always an ear to ear smile for everyone) Fed him pork chops, potatoes and carrots. After dinner we split a bottle of wine and talked about his life...people, places and situations he has encountered while traveling. This being the 3rd. time he has stayed here, we prepared the usual breakfast of grilled cheese and bacon and sent him off with homemade baked goods, that Linda had made...and the usual $20.00 to help with his travels. To all the interested people, Billy has met, he is on his way to Niagara falls and later will be traveling North/East of Toronto. Because billy has somewhat of a comfortable stay here {THANKS TO LINDA} I wouldn't be surprised to see him again. I should mention he no longer has a tent, we offered to give him one and he was excited for this bit of shelter, but it deemed to large for his bike.
Anyways, take care Billy,
From your fellow Canadians,
Linda and Rob De Laplante

Warren Biro

Billy is near Princeton, Ontario right now Wednesday, 22nd May. Like usual, he showed up at the door looking for a camp spot to get out of the rain and has already gotten a few cokes within the first two minutes. I promised him some dinner later, at his request. Haven't spoken with him much yet but will soon. I'm sure it will be interesting.


Bill is not a cross country biker. Billy is a hobo with a bicycle. Putting him up in our barn for the night. I offered food but it wasn't to his liking and he turned it down. Go figure. I expect he'll be gone by morning. Not what I'd call an uplifting experience.


May 24, 2013
Bill is with us tonight in Lynden Ontario, still full of lots of stories. I didn't have a beer to share with him but he was OK with that.

He could use a new bike.

Robert Brown

Met the gent last summer(Sept2012)pushing his bike up the hill just south of Clinton Ontario. said he was going to London then turning north to Thunderbay to pack his bike away then taking the bus back home for the winter. Well today(June 17th 2013) he was back resting on one of the town benches. Introduced him to my wife and talked a bit of his travels then spotted him a fin and bid him a safe journey. off he went and so did I, work calls . Oh to be such a free spirit.

cathie weaver

Billy Parker

Came last night had a few glasses wine and dinner .. hobby was dropping off in Waterford today.. he wouldn't sleep in the house as he wanted to sleep near the Tabaco fields.. so last august 10th 2013 he was sleeping in teeterville..was fun listening to his stories


Billy Parker is in the Port Colborne area. He spent last night here. He said he was heading to Fort Erie, than onto Niagara Falls, Niagara on the lake than heading to Toronto. Chatty little man, with a big appetite. I

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