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"What if everything we did in our cities had to be great for people eight to 80?" is an inspiring idea.

For several years I drove taxi and as I carried seniors on thirty and forty dollar trips it used to bother me how dependent seniors on modest incomes were on relatively high-priced transportation to get around. Basically the public transportation system was inadequate for their needs, and the automotive traffic traveling at speeds optimized for young people with good reflexes was too fast to allow them to drive safely. Later, when I began commuting by bicycle I recognized that reducing the speed of city traffic would allow both cyclists and seniors to get around more safely. Can younger drivers with their cat-like reflexes accept the argument that driving a slower speed limit would have the future payback for them of having several more years of independence when they get older. Or the argument that by driving more slowly the accidents will be fewer and more importantly mostly far less severe. Or the idea that it will be better for them for their parents to have a few extra years of independence. Kind of like "We are all in this together."

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