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Maybe rather then that unreadable jumble
you could use a math question

what is five +7 minus 3
would that stop the bots????
and make my life easier as it usually takes me several tries to figure out the word with all those squiggly lies and warped letters


Even leaving aside algorithms that can solve captchas a certain percentage of the time, you also have captcha farms: http://www.blackhat-seo.com/2009/captcha-farms/

In short: a service which slurps and captchas from various common blogging sites you're trying to post spam comments onto, to someone sitting at a machine in a country where labour is really cheap, who will type in the results at a rate of a few bucks per thousand... which can then be fed back to the website which was trying to determine if you're human.

Frank Xavier

This is a most unfortunate development. One can only speculate how much nonsense or mis-information is posted to the less protected commentary sites by contracted captcha-farmers. Guess it means anyone who does not have a publicly stated policy for dealing with captcha generated crap or pseudo crap is all but meaningless. Next thing you know, there will be a capcha filter available which determines the probability of a comment being valid or captcha generated....Just think what this means to the machine filtered resume process.

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