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This article made me smile. About a month ago, I rented a tandem recumbent bike from the folks at Bicycle Forest (www.bikeforest.com) and surprised my girlfriend with a 70km trip from Kitchener to Elora and back. We took the Glasgow Street bridge into Conestogo, and struggled up the steepest hill in the region in the lowest possible gear.

Not once on the trip did we actually have to get off and walk, but that's only because the low gearing is _very_ low. We also had the problem of mismatched cadence preferences. However, all told, it was a wonderful way to spend the day. You're close enough on a tandem to have a conversation without having to worry about taking up too much of the road, and enjoying the scenery, exercise, and weather together was wonderful.

It's something I'd recommend that any cycle-loving couple try at least once.

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