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Didly Derp

I've seen far more reckless cyclists than responsible ones. So Mr Ford might not be such a moron after all.


Every year we have dozens, no, hundreds of people injured and killed by... er... *in* cars. My heart bleeds for them really, but it's their own fault.


Mr Ford doesn't understand something basic. There are going to be more bikes on the road whether he likes it or not. (Besides, even if he his elected Mayor he will be impotent to amend the Highway Traffic Act). We as a society simply cannot sustain the millions of personal automobiles cluttering up the landscape.

All due respect to Mr Ford but he does rather look like he could stand to ride a bike a little more frequently. It will make him much healthier and probably a bit happier too. Perhaps also it will inspire to look at the world from a perspective other than inside the C pillar.


What Ford said was completely idiotic. For a few years Toronto had a mayor that actually did something for other means of transportation. Before that (for nearly 50+ years) they had mayors that constantly pandered to the car, and appears it will be the same again.

Like Jason said,
"Every year we have dozens, no, hundreds of people injured and killed by... er... *in* cars. My heart bleeds for them really, but it's their own fault."

I see far more reckless and aggressive motorists than responsible, patient ones.

Oh well, looks like Toronto is going to become the biggest laughing stock in the country when/if they vote Ford in. He's about 10% ahead in the polls.


Ouch! I suppose it's this little fella's own fault that motorists were engaging in unlawful activities that got him killed *eyeroll* Yeah, glad I'm not cycling in Toronto either...


Aww boo I guess no links in Take the Lane. Anyhow, I had linked to this cbc news story: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/nova-scotia/story/2010/08/13/ns-fatal-collision-cheticamp.html

Sorry to double-post!

Evan Rosamond

Mr. Ford's logic is wonderfully symetrical and circular. His argument is also full of factual and historical errors.
Since autos kill many more pedestrians than cyclists, I expect Ford will want to remove all the sidewalks in Toronto. That could increase the size of the TO traffic jam by about 15-20%.

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