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I am reminded of the old saying about sailboats. If there are two boats in the same area there is a race going on. Even if only one of the skippers knows it. Same with bikes going the same direction on the road.

They are about the only races I ever win and I don't win many of them.


It happens to all of us. My wife says that I’m so old I had better not break anything because they don’t make parts any more. You get smart, crafty. I wait until I have the advantage of height.
There he is ahead and below me – doesn’t see me in the sun. Open up just a little to bring up the revs. Just a little closer now then I wing over and dive. The speed climbs, the wind whips past my ears and her frame begins to shake. The engine temperature edges higher and higher. I feel hot coolant around the edge of my helmet. Closer and closer - just little more and he’s in my sights.
Now! Everything you’ve got! Wide open! Attack-attack-attack-attack!
Passed in a flash. I’m a blur, a flashing grin. Check the mirror - got him - never saw it coming.
Nothing beats a P-40 in a dive!

Jeff S.

There's nothing more tempting on my ride home from work, than a roadie in full kit - to race!

You see, I have something to prove - that a recumbent trike can keep up with a road bike. Gosh, I hope I never meet Lance though. I think my heart would burst from my chest trying to keep up with that guy!

John Romeo Alpha

I have a consistent pace that I maintain on my commute. If I pass someone, it's only about the pace, not the race. It cracks me up when I hear the click of gears and get passed back competitively, if I do, because I'm not racing...but more often than not, my pace will grind them down a mile later, and I'll pass them again. I'm in it for the long haul, not the sprint to the stop sign.

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