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Evan Rosamond

If the Waterloo Regional cops run true to form in this case, they may lay a charge before next spring. The last time they had a similar case was in December 2008 when a motorist hit a cyclist from behind on Arthur St. north of Elmira. It took WRP 5 or 6 months to lay a charge of careless driving. Some of us thought that criminal negligence causing death would have been more appropriate.


I do not see how police can expect to hear from more witnesses with the story kept completely off the media. Out of site out of mind. To improve the chances of a witness turning up it would be better to put the story in the news again somehow with the story followed by a request for witnesses. A local tv station or a local paper might give some small update or investigation of the story before the results of the autopsy are released. Then report again when the autopsy has been completed, again with a request for witnesses. Possibly the police might release a bit of information that could be reported.

As for having a solid case to take before the courts, Tiberiu David was struck from behind and establishing the identity of the motorist has been done. The motorist had the responsibility of being able to stop in time and did not. Possibly what the police are working on is checking whether there is a solid case for not taking this case to the courts. There might be good reason in this case why the motorist should not be charged. Or they might be busy and will get around to it later after the autopsy comes in. Or they are being careful to select the correct charge. As I said earlier if they hope to get some witnesses it would be best if the story somehow gets back into the news with a request for witnesses.

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