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Great story and great pics! I had to leave the parade early and missed the bikes, but the rest of the fam caught them and as suggested they didn't realize the support vehicle was pedal power!


I saw you on the couch bike Bill. I imagine it's somewhat depressing sitting on some of the coolest human powered machines around while sucking fumes from idling transports. Anyway, the "float" was great again this year. Always look forward to seeing the bike forest guys. I might join you guys next year with the long-tail and 3 children in tow :-)


For sure, anyone who wants to try a variation on pedal-power would be welcome to join the group. Brent Curry always has more bicycles than bicyclists for this event. And we also had a representative of the Waterloo Area Bike Polo group, complete with mallet and two young supporters. Anyone else representing an organized bike group, or just someone who wanted to show off their bicycle, tricycle or unicycle would be welcome.

Jeff S.

Wish I'd known, I have two recumbents trikes! Maybe next year...

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