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Actually it is not a bad idea, except if you look at his dimensions, it is pretty clear you'd need orangutan arms, and really short legs to ride this. If he moved the pedals forward it would be a nice long bike recumbent. And I like that he used a belt drive, that is a great idea for a commuter or winter bike, The built in hard case panniers and front faring are nice touches, especially if there is an integrated lighting system. And the fold down into a box that fits under the desk, is a great idea with the integrated electronics, that way you just plug in while at work. Think about putting a Bionix system into this bike and it becomes fairly practical.

I myself commute on a folder because it does make it easy to grab a cab if there is really bad weather, or toss it in the trunk if my spouse comes to pick me up on our way out of town; I don’t store it under my desk however..

Jeff S.

So the idea is that the bike is so big and bulky, that thieves can't walk away with it? It sure won't be protected from the elements - the innards are still exposed when folded!

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