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Bill, the Blair Road MUP sucks during the winter and it is so full of crud in the early spring that it's hardly worth looking at never mind riding on. There is a similar path in Windsor on Machette Road (I think).


@Blair: I don't think there's a bike lane in Waterloo Region that isn't full of crud in the spring. I'm particularly peeved at the lanes on Block Line Road in Kitchener, where the pothole filling crews have filled the cracks and gaps of the roadway right up to and sometimes into the bike lane, but not the gaps that start and end in the bike lane. And all the loose tar and chips are swept into the bike lane, as though it is the loose crud storage facility!

tOM Trottier

Yes, first downtown separated bike lane in Ontario. http://ottawa.ca/residents/public_consult/bikelane/index_en.html - a pilot project for 18 months or so.

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