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How is/was it ranked to determine who are Ontario's bike friendly communities?

Just curious because St. Catharines is exceptionally bike friendly.
I actually ran into someone at a bike rack last month who use to live in Windsor, and they said except for Windsor being quite flat, it's no where near as cycle friendly as St. Catharines.

Likewise, many I've talked to either in person or via blogs, they feel Peterborough has become one of Ontario's best cycling cities.

I also have a friend who lives in Gatineau, who told me cycling within parts of the downtown core of Ottawa is amazing, however once you leave the downtown core it becomes quite nerve racking.

I look forward to seeing such lists as I always find them fascinating, I just worry it may not be quite accurate.

Alan M

@Ryan ... have a look-see at http://www.sharetheroad.ca for information on the Bike Friendly Communities program. Also see http://www.bikeleague.org/ for more info and how the evaluation process works.

This isn't a politico-smilee-face-photo-opp thing ... it's an objective evaluation.

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