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I work in Guelph and on any given evening on Speedvale Ave between Woolwhich St & Elmira Rd I see 6-8 cyclists with no lights on their bikes and wearing dark clothing. They're taking their lives in their hands by doing this. Spend the $10 and make yourselves visible


Bill, Thanks for keeping all us cyclists informed. When it comes to cycling in Waterloo region we are lucky to have you. Keep up the good work.

Alan M

There is likely some good ol' attribution going on as well. I saw one motorist do something stupid yesterday, therefore all motorists are stupid. I saw a couple of cyclists blow a stop sign, therefore all cyclists blow stop signs.

Frank Xavier

On any given day I am driving around town I will see at least 1/2 a dozen violations of the highway traffic act most of which involve rolling through stop signs or running red lights. On days I go to Toronto, the numbers go into the dozens. That being said, a week ago today a ditzy 22 year old female couldn't make her mind up at 120kph whether she was going onto the Express lanes or staying in the collectors around Port Union Rd on the 401. She ultimately decided to go back to the collectors after getting into the lane to the express. Not wanting to inconvenience herself, she just veered over to collide with a van with a family of (5). Net result: Husband killed, wife seriously maimed; (3) kids in someone else s custody. Miss Ditzy was criminally charged for careless causing death. Anyone guess how many Ms. Ditzies are running around out there...a lot plus a fair share of Mr. Dolts..but IMO, now more Ms. Ditzies. Our intrepid reporter would best leave innocent bicyclists alone regardless of his stupid irritation. At the end of the day generally, when on the public roads, the only one whose life is endangered most of the time is the cyclist. He could have written a much more meaningful column on ridding the road of Ms. Ditizes.


Peter Parker

Every time I drive on a highway, I see literally hundreds of people breaking the law, going faster than the speed limit. I find that about as concerning as dozens of doing a perfectly safe but illegal "rolling stop" past stop signs. Yes, it's illegal. Whether or not it's really a problem is a matter of personal taste.

Tracey is just whining because Tracey likely rides a dinosaur on his short commute to work, and dinosaurs aren't given the respect they once were. Poor Tracey.

Andre, however, is right - there are too many people cycling around in "stealth mode" in KW. Cycling wearing black, without lights or reflectors, is a guaranteed way to get killed.


Way to channel your anger at the reporter against women, Frank. I don't see how someone's genitalia affects their ability to drive any more than their skin colour. Grow up.


I'm so tired of this argument. Cyclists do not break the laws any more then drivers. The difference is why.

People on bikes ride the wrong way on roads and on sidewalks for a feeling of greater personal safety. These are doing so because they are intimidated by the fact a driver can kill them with a moments inattention, or outright aggression.

Cyclists do rolling stops at stop signs and traffic lights because it takes a lot of extra energy to stop unnecessarily.

Drivers disobeying the rules, do so because they feel it is acceptable and they are in a rush. Of course the driver is more likely to kill someone by several orders of magnitude then the cyclist is.

As for bike ninjas, I don't know how to reform them.


I live on a major bike road and I would say in any given day I see a dozen or so cyclists who are complete morons...But that's out of 100 or 200 daily.

The road is also a major commuter road for motorists and I can't begin to tell you how many speed along here.
Speed limit is 50km/h and it's not uncommon to have people travelling 60km/h.

Wilber, genitalia may not affect ones ability to drive, however there are certain stupid things women do that men don't and vice-versa.


On any given day, just about every cyclist I see is in contravention of the Highway Traffic Act. And will continue to do so until the following clause is repealed:

Lights and reflectors on bicycles, etc

. . . and in addition white reflective material shall be placed on its front forks, and red reflective material covering a surface of not less than 250 millimetres in length and 25 millimetres in width shall be place on its rear. 2009, c. 5, s. 28 (1).

I don't even think the police cyclists comply with this section of the HTA.


Everyone at some point during any given journey contravenes some aspect of the HTA. If someone actually obeyed the letter of the law they'd be run off the road without the slightest compuction whether on four wheels or two. The other day, for instance, I was actually honked at for actually stopping my car at a red light before making a right turn. I am so sick of the arguments about scofflaw cyclists vs scofflaw motorists. We all suck but the consequences of sucking behind the wheel of a car or truck is far greater than a lousy cyclist.

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