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Alan M

Congratulations to the City of Waterloo.

Having said that, I certainly hope that city officials are gracious enough to recognize that they wouldn't be in this position if it weren't for Region of Waterloo council and staff, and their long-standing and active cycling committee. Well over a decade ago, the Region adopted a cycling master plan, put in place the policies and resources to implement it, and have stuck with the plan over all those years.

The City of Waterloo, along with the other cities in the Region, are relatively late comers to the process.

So, kudos to the City of Waterloo, and a great big pat on the back to the Region.


Windsor??? Seriously, Windsor!?!?

Chris Holt

As a Windsor cycling advocate, I must echo Ryan's sentiment....Windsor?!?!? Seriously?!?!? We've got an underfunded 20 year Bicycle Use Master Plan that is more than halfway through its lifecycle and a city reluctant to spend any $$$ on the bare cycling essentials. Bike lanes to nowhere and a council completely uninterested in spending a cent on making the city "Bike Friendly". Something smells funny with this "contest".


When I go through the score card, St. Catharines doesn't fair all that well (6)...

Adult bike courses and bike-to-work day events I don't really think make a community bike friendly though.

You'd be hard pressed not to see cycling infrastructure when passing through St. Catharines.
Both the north & south ends have bike lanes on most major roads, even the more suburban west end is slowly becoming more bike friendly with more bike lanes popping up, the downtown has sharrows everywhere (too narrow for bike lanes).

The city partnered with Canadian Tire to offer bike repair kits throughout the city, free for people to use.

The main bridge that connects the downtown with the west end is going to be replaced, and one of the key things in it's rebuilding is providing a safe place to cyclists.

As for our local law enforcement? Good luck teaching them laws for cyclists as they hardly know the laws for motorists.

Even putting St. Catharines aside, I'd argue Peterborough is far more cycle friendly then Ajax or Windsor and perhaps even Waterloo.

Alan M

Yet Peterborough, for whatever reasons, did not choose to complete the evaluation.

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