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I'm disappointed too. The link between the two downtowns is the key to matching it a "car free" Sunday. It will now be just two street events -we really need to have the event stretched out to make it viable for cyclists. I think Mall to Mall so you could just ride free for 10km or so. Ottawa is great because it is a nice long stretch of road that is closed.


I dunno, if I wanted walk or ride from Uptown to downtown, King Street is always my last choice... there's the lovely iron horse or any other number of side streets that run parallel to King.

Personally I'd rather see what little money the city wants to spend on cycling related stuff put toward the master plan or stuff like that.

I think smaller, Fußgängerzone style of car-free days will work for drawing people into the cores but I'm not sure I really get the appeal of walking all the way from uptown to downtown via King Street.

Peter Parker

"For me, the point of a car-free event is to show that you can safely use the road to get from A to B."

Doesn't it say the opposite? That King Street needs be closed for cyclists to use it safely? I don't really care about the connecting lane, but I'm biased since I'm pretty fearless about riding in traffic.

That article in the Record should have been titled "KW Cops Cash in on Car-Free Sunday" - Beyond the unnecessary added cost for the self-interested police department, I felt as though the stream of cops at every intersection helped spoil what would have been the care-free mood of the festival. It felt more like a protest than a celebration. All for the low price of $2000 for 4 hours!

Jim Meyer

I have commented on this issue in the negative previously, and I do so again.
Anyone who thinks closing the main thoroughfare of and between two cities is a good idea, is simply living in their own little dream world.
Parks are for playing in. Streets are for cars. At one time, streets were for horses and bicycles, but now we have cars.
But streets were NEVER designed for kids to play in.


Sorry Jim but closing King Street for 4 measly hours on a Sunday afternoon is hardly a sign of the impending Apocalypse. Nor do streets exist just for cars (I do suggest a close re-reading of the Highway Traffic Act). Quite bluntly there are a significant number of people in these cities who rely on bikes etc for transport and as the costs associated with car ownership rise there will be many more of them.

If events like these can demonstrate the practicality of getting around on something other than a car, what exactly is the harm? After all, it will mean fewer cars in your way when you want to drive someplace.

I likely would have taken to driving less and cycling more a long time before I actually did if things like this had been done 20 years ago. I have since discovered that getting around on the bike is nearly as fast as the car especially at the so-called 'rush hour.' Further, I have saved considerably on fuel and wear and tear costs and am healthier to boot. Among my colleagues at work over a third of us walk, cycle or take public transit to work.

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