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Sure the vests help, if the motorist is paying attention. The problem is that motorists are too distracted by what is going on in their lives. When they look their eyes can see the cyclist or any other road user for that matter. The problem is that the brain does not register what the eyes can see until it is too late. We need to put a plan in place to make our streets and highways safe.

tOM Trottier

I usually wear a vest on arterials, day and nite. It's not just what you wear, tho, it's where you are. Be where motorists look for traffic, ie, in the middle of the lane not the gutter or sidewalk. Avoid being doored by riding a metre out from parked cars!

But for recognition as a human being at nite, you need reflective stuff at every joint - see http://www.hlth.qut.edu.au/opt/research/driving/Road_workerTRBfinal.pdf

That way you're not a blob, you're a person.

hi vis vests

I allways make sure me and my kids are seen by other road users wearing highly visible vests and in the winter we wear highly visible coats and helmets.
Always make sure you can see yourself in the side mirror of lorries (if you can see your self, the lorry driver can see you) Allways keep your distance!!! MAKE SURE YOU ARE VISIBLE!!

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