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michael bells

I picked up a couple of BikeLits at MEC in Barrie a couple of weeks ago... thanks for the recommendation.

PS I was still using the flashing blue Record lights you gave away for free a few years ago... thanks


You know, that was pretty cool of you. Well done.

Ken Murray

I don't ride a bicycle anymore but I do like the ones that have the intelligence to light themselves up so the motoring public can see them. Nobody wants to be hit and nobody wants to hit the cyclists. Please keep pushing the BikeLit for everyone's safety.

Alan M

Way to go, Bill!

Peter Parker

If you can't find members of the general cycling public to accept your gifts, perhaps you should give them away to your faithful readers. =)


Great plan Bill.

I personally like brighter lights. I use the Blackburn Mars 4.0 on the seatpost. I also use a PlanetBike Blinky 3h (http://ecom1.planetbike.com/3010.html) that I bought at MEC. It's a great addition because it gives a much higher light. I just saw someone with a similar setup last night (while I was driving) and the dual lights makes a big difference. This setup was neither cheap nor expensive, but it's safety we're talking about so I don't mind spending a bit extra.

However, I would rather be riding in bright reflective clothes and no lights, than with lights and dark clothes. I find clothing often has a bigger impact than lights. I see few cyclists wearing anything remotely high-vis.

I might look dorky in with my high-vis. vest (Sugoi Zap), reflective bands on my legs, lights blinking like crazy - but I'm a dork who's alive :).


I'm with you, Joel. I prefer dorky life to cool death.

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