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I don't like reading 'as close as possible to the right' either. Straight up bad advice.

Frank Xavier

I agree with Bill's assessment and go one further. This is one of the most pragmatic safety and common sense lists I have encountered in awhile. The rear ender is unfortunately the lottery exit..fortunately rare but definitely likely final. The writer has given much careful thought to her list. The last lens which she provides as the master rule is the one I have lived by for the past 50 years and it has kept me alive sofar on motorcycles and bicycles. Assume you are not seen until there is evidence(eye contact verification) you have, then assume the driver is drunk or texting. Stop saying to yourself that driver or "blah, blah" "should" have done this or that. Stop if you are not sure, even if it is irritating. I can remember coming to almost a halt many times on back roads on the motorcycle when cars nosed out onto the road then stopped. Drivers frequently got very annoyed because they were oblivious to the illegality and threat of their aggressive posture and it's potential implications. Make bicycling a non contact sport especially with cars but also with all other road users as well. ARRIVE ALIVE !


As an ex-cyclist (arthritic stiffness knocked me out), I am appalled at the terrible riding that I see. In the past week I saw I two cyclists ride through stop signs and enter a busy road. I saw two cyclists ride on sidewalks and through a crosswalk with hardly a look to either side and without slowing down. Yesterday, at William and Caroline a cyclist blew through a red light, and another cyclist travelling on the wrong side of the ride turned left into incoming traffic.

Well, folks, it is simple. You are not alone and even responsible drivers cannot take into account foolhardy behaviour.

Frank Xavier

To Rob,

Given that most of my riding has been on the road, the advise to stay as close as possible to the right has probably saved my life half a dozen times. Though I hate going there, if it isn't necessary and I don't hesitate to take the whole lane if I deem it necessary , if there is no bicycle lane and no reason not to be in the center portion(such as potholes, grates, other dangerous obstacles...where exactly to you suggest cyclists ride while using the public roads if there is not a marked cycling lane ? your comment offers little insight to your reasoning. Please clarify.

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