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Oh, I'm very sorry to hear this. I still recall the joy you expressed when you got the OK to cycle again. Here's hoping something develops in your favour in the future.

Jeff S.

Would a recumbent bicycle be any better for your condition? A recumbent trike supports the weight of your body from butt to shoulders, hopefully decreasing the pressure in the lower halves. Plus, you can easily take it easy and go as slow as you like without worrying about tipping over.

Just a thought...


@Dave. Thanks. A year can slip by pretty quickly.
@Jeff. I contacted several recumbent makers back in 2003 when I was thinking along your lines. A recumbent would make some sense, but none of the makers I talked to knew of any research to actually back up that supposition, and they weren't willing to say that buying a recumbent would be a good idea. Fear of litigation, perhaps. The doc seems to be telling me that blood flow is the issue: I'd be pumping blood to my legs whatever kind of bike I was on. I talked to one physiotherapist about using a handcycle. He said that basically, all our blood vessels are part of the same system. Working the upper body works the heart, which pumps blood throughout and the result would be much the same as using my legs to pedal. Seems like my option is to park the bike for the year and take up walking.

Alan M

While I'm saddened to hear this Bill, I am reminded that things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out.

With that in mind, if a full e-bike (not just e-assisted while pedalling) would sufficiently avoid cardiac load, you have a unique opportunity.

Your powers of observation, writing skills and cycling experience uniquely place you to report on the growing world of e-bikes. They are a viable entry (back) to cycling for many who have grown heavy, soft and inattentive to traffic dynamics.

From the seat of an e-bike, you could discover how they really fit into that nether-world between fully-human-powered cyclists and (e-)scooters. What are the different issues in bike lanes, roundabouts? Do drivers treat you any differently? How do cyclists treat you? Can we really morph our public thoroughfares into a melange of signage, markings and facilities that serves a diverse array of modalities?

Life is filled with tough choices. I have faith you'll figure this one out, and your grandkids will be impressed.

(quickly closing on 80,000 cycling km on two artificial hips)

Alan M

But you may have to give up reporting on Morons, lest they raise your blood pressure too high!

Rob (Mk.2)

Take care, Bill. We're all pulling for you. In the meantime I still will look forward to reading your posts.

Frank Xavier

The slower you go the more you see. Walking is an amazing experience especially on some of the wonderful trails we have within a 50km radius of K-W Cambridge...and these are trails largely unused compared to say any trail inside Greater Metropolitan Toronto. Enjoy living ! Live long !..but not too long :)


What a bummer, but good on you for putting your health first. The e-bike idea seems like a good way to stay in motion without risking the health.

Jeff S.

Ah, that's too bad regarding a rise in blood pressure causing damage regardless of the activity. In that case, definitely look up electric bikes; perhaps even do a conversion on a bike you've already got!


So sorry to hear. An ebike sounds like a viable option in the meantime. It would be good to do some walking to get in some exercise, though it is a frustratingly slow means of travel as compared with a bike...

Steve Fitzpatrick

I'm sorry to learn of your condition. An ebike would be an ideal solution for an avid cyclist like you. I'm 55 and have been riding my ebike, a rusty 16 yr old Raleigh, for almost a year now.

Peter Parker

Terribly sorry to hear about this, Bill, but you've definitely made the right decision.

Count yourself lucky that you have this blog so that you can continue your love of cycling without actually cycling! I'll keep reading as long as you keep writing.

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