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I wonder how many people who complained that King Street was closed for square2sqare will complain that it is closed for the Blues Festival?


If there were stages set up on car-free days and bands playing I'm sure folks would have been more likely to come out, but car-free sundays sounded about as much fun as wandering around an empty parking lot.

Jeff S.

It's true; give people something to do or see and they'll come. For most, simply being able to ride their bikes on a car-free road isn't really enough.

dan kellar

there were bands in both the squares, artists and craftsfolk and ngo's hocking wares all along the streets, many shops along the street are open, it beautiful weather, you get to hang out with community members in a non-cost setting, ride bikes, talk bikes, hate on cars, yell at the pigs who are there sucking our tax dollars, whatever you want.

I agree that it should not be called car-free sundays as that puts the focus on cars and the anti-message, why not community bike days, healthy community day, something all mainstreamy and flowery.

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