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Rob Mk.2

1. Amen on that one, brother
2. I use insulated work gloves I picked up at K-W surplus for $14. Much cheaper than cycling specific stuff
3. Get a nice helmet liner, it's worth it
4. Can't stand stuff around my face and my glasses steam up. If it's that cold I'll find another way to get around
5. I bought expandable shoe covers from MEC that will go around my combat boots (cost me $25 seven years ago and still going strong) if it is really vile.
6. Lights are an absolute must even during daylight hours. A rechargeable LED system is the way to go with some really bright rear lights like the Planet Bike Superflash. A reflective jacket or tear away reflective vest might be a good idea.
7. No replacement for good wool socks
8. Expensive but worth every penny. Studded tires saved me at least three times last winter. If anything I would go with slightly narrower ones next time.

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