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Peter Parker

I don't think you're being oversensitive. This makes me want to "bump" that journalist in the face. =)


I'd say your hackles aren't raised enough yet. Note how the lack of vehicular manners on the part of the truck driver is being referred to as a bicycling accident.

How are your hackles now?


For me it is a question of language. A quick tally of headlines:

"accident": ABC, Sky, AP/Yahoo,

"struck" or "collision": KTLA

and one news outlet is hedging itself by using a web page title with 'accident' and a headline with 'hit by car': Daily Mail

A grammar observation: all of these are in the passive voice. For next time, let's try Auto driver strikes bicycle from behind, throwing the rider--an actor--onto the shoulder.

Steve Fitzpatrick

The fact that he is a celebrity is irrelevant. I for one don't give a hoot about that kind of status. What is impressive is the fact that He's 81 years old and still riding his bicycle!I hope I can do the same at his age. Get well quick Gene!
Motorists, Please, Share the Road!


well, cyclists are viewed as pylons by drivers, he is just a famous pylon. hitting a pylon is not a concern for legislators.

Frank Xavier

Just another laggard "by default" Roadside RIP Memorial Jurisdiction.

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