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David Hendry

I read the same list and though that so many of these suggestions were good for anyone not intending to race the bikes,male or female, after all who wants a cultivated race face.


The "advice" certainly stands up for most riders, although I would like to have someone send me a photo of a "cultivated" race face...


Your stab at bike techies is misdirected. The advice is meant as a warning not to be a hipster.

I'm not making the correction as an annoyed techie. I ride traditional fixed wheel.


Hipsters ride fixed gears which are about as low tech as bikes get. The weekend warriors on their trek madones and full kit are the intended audience for that advice methinks.


LOL, about that bike face advice!

Christine Brown

Wise advise. Thanks for sharing!


Charles, you didn't check the dateline on the original article. Trek Madones didn't exist at the time. However, the women's rights and corollary rational dress movements did.

Although the freewheel was in the market, most bikes were still fixed wheel and yes, the advice was a warning against becoming a "hipster," that is to say someone eschewing traditional "lady's" values and joining the revolution. This would mean things like wearing bifurcated lower garments, not wearing a corset and dancing to the music of "those people" in ragged time.

Maybe even joining the Occupy the Voting Booth youths.

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