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Rob Mk.2

I see where you're coming from Bill and your Moron of the Week deserves his title. But the thing that irritates me a little here is the presumption that we are representatives of the "cycling community" (whatever that is) whilst on the bike. But when a brain dead motorist runs a red, fails to come to a complete stop or turns residential streets into the Indianopolis 500 no one says "Geez, there goes some bad PR for the motoring community." He or she is a just a friggin' idiot behind the wheel of a car.


If this guy was headed East on Ottawa when he crossed over Homer Watson on a light turning red. I’m guessing that he did not want to risk being the lead vehicle on the next green and have to deal with the expressway on ramp traffic. Things get a little crazy at that spot with cars trying to pass a cyclist and still make it to the on ramp. I know, it still does not make it right. I see motorist doing risky moves everyday and they are doing it with 2 ton vehicles and putting everyone at risk.

Steve Fitzpatrick

It's when you see idiots driving a Mercedes turning right on a red light and honking at the cyclist walking his bike in the crosswalk while he has right of way.
Appropriately, the cyclist gave him the one finger salute.


@Rob Mk.2, Although I agree with what your saying, far too many people see one stupid person on a bike and say "all cyclists" are like that.

Bad motoring has almost become something accepted by society.
One local radio host who travels daily from Hamilton to St. Catharines, actually said anyone who travels at or near the speed limit on the QEW (100kph) is irresponsible.

Although not Kitchener related, I'd nominate anyone who travels Ontario's highways, and believes 120kph is the speed limit as moron of the week!


The only reason motorists don't run reds there as frequently at that intersection is that it is equipped with a red-light camera that can't yet ID cyclists and send them tickets.

Kevin Love

But isn't it a good thing that an idiot was riding a bike rather than driving a two-tonne lethal weapon?

Rob Mk.2


That's OK they're just going to turn Homer Watson and Ottawa into a big old roundabout. Then everything will be fixed. ;)

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