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Evan Rosamond

The Idaho stop is a good idea. Entering an intersection while rolling reduces the time spent in the danger zone (where your bike's path intersects with another road user's). This increases your safety margin a little bit and saves you a bit of work. Of course you need to slow down enough so that you can stop if it's necessary.

Steve A

So why not apply the Idaho Stop Rule to motor vehicles as well as bicycles? I hadn't heard that about motorists having more accidents at stop signs before, but that makes the question even MORE obvious.


From videos I've seen -- Vancouver has done quite well with traffic calming by adding traffic circles and the sort.
See some of Alex's older videos on residential streets (http://www.youtube.com/alexwarrior1)

I think most people (whether on bike or in a car) treat most stop signs like an Idaho stop (in St. Catharines at least).

I'll admit the only time I come to a complete stop (at stop signs) is when there are no other cars or pedestrians around, if it's clear then I do a rolling stop.

Carl Jansen

Please, apply the Idaho Stop Rule and with any luck Darwin's Theory will kick in shortly after and we won't have to put up with stupid idiots who are too lazy to stop at stop signs.

Jason Meggs

Thank you for the article, the presentation was posted the very next day (June 28). An earlier write-up with links, including a very helpful video, appear in the previous article.


Jason Meggs

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