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Bill, just want to say "Thanks" for covering Velo-city 2012 and for keeping Waterloo Region up to date on cycling issues. Take the Lane is a great part of our cycling infrastructure!


I echo Andre’s comment on your work here in the Waterloo Region on cycling issues. I think we need to take it one step farther. I love Kathi Dietholm’s look on this issue "Take the Lane ... that's a very successful way to make yourself known on road," she said. "I have to ride (in the middle of the lane), I don't have to hide (up against the curb)." Makes me wonder if the Can Bike program is teaching proper lane positioning. I have plenty of evidence to support Kathi’s middle of the lane riding opposed to the 3 feet from the curb rule. Three feet from the curb is still not good enough to insure your safety as a cyclist. Too many motorist will pass you within the same narrow lane even on 4 lane roads. So do we ride the middle of the lane and irritate most motorist or do we keep 3 feet from the curb and invite trouble?

Paula Verlegh

I like the title:we don't hide;we ride! Stay away from the curb, be in the field of vision of motorists and then trust them to give you space while passing.Still motorists who don't get it: this afternoon on King St in Waterloo the driver in the small silver car with license plate BEZE 136 who passed oh, so close. I'd like to see a website where we can post complaints about drivers not sharing the road.

J. J.

If you can keep up with the speed limit, fine ride in the middle of the lane. Otherwise if you are riding more than 10 miles below the speed limit, you should be charged with impeding traffic. It is the cyclists who insist on riding in the middle of the lane, going slower than the speed limit, and not moving over for traffic that are causing the issues between the cyclists and the vehicles. As a cyclist if we continue to push this issue we will lose, the vehicles will always be bigger than us. So as a cyclist please be courteous to the vehicles on the road and quit making it hard on the polite cyclist. Yes we have the right to cycle on the road ways but that does not give us permission to abuse this right. Stay to the right, obey the traffic laws, (stop signs, stop lights, signal your turn) Drivers will start to accept us if we are polite, courteous and obey the traffic laws.


@ J.J. This is what polite and courtious got me the other day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0DyOegG1oI&feature=plcp Never fails, I give them room to pass and they pass. Regardless of how close they come to hitting me. If I would have been in the middle of the lane, no unsafe situation would have occured.

J. J.

Sorry, But impeding traffic is never safe,we have to be persistent about being able to ride, but we must be respectful and obey the laws. Sometimes we as cyclists are our own worst enemey.

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