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"it might appear contradictory that there seems to be a strong voice here for helmet pro-choice. Aren't helmets all about safety?"

Unfortunately to some it does appear contradictory, however to most helmets are more about perception of safety.

Main reason we are forced to waste energy on the is because of articles that are in a Victoria newspaper. (not sure if you want link to another newspaper, so just search "Looser bike-helmet laws a big step backward").

Using numbers such as 22,000 head injuries each year, yet doesn't actually say how many are from bicycle related incidents. Is it 22,000 or is it just 1?

Then the hockey example is used...IMO hockey has become a far more dangerous sport since safety equipment was introduced.
Concussions seem to happen nightly now. As visors have been catching, high sticking as become an epidemic.

As long as there is this attitude out there, energy will have to be wasted on the helmet debate.

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