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Well it's a start I suppose but it's also kind of ludicrous that it's closed between midnight and six am. I guess if you work overnights you're SOL.

Also I guess they assume everyone is a fair weather cyclist and they won't let people use it in the winter... which is when most outdoor bike racks are covered under snowbanks. Given all the salt on the roads and snow falling, a covered safe bicycle parking lot seems to be something most needed at winter.

I am also curious as to what kind of special programs will need access to this space? Why can't a bike valet program just commandeer some of the numerous car parking areas that are all over downtown kitchener instead of forcing people out of the one safe spot we have.

The CoK has terrible reputation with the bike parking in front of the bus station, so many bikes get stolen from the racks there and the region doesn't pay the security goofs to watch them since they are on city property. Even the security cameras don't point at the bike racks... it's pretty pathetic if you ask me.

I live too close to DT to have any use for this but I'm glad to see some progress.

Phil Hiems

Wonderful! As far as I can tell, it's free aside from a deposit. That's incredibly great.


Great! I'm so pleased to see this.

clasher - from what I can see, I think it is available in the winter; it's just that you need to renew your 'membership' yearly, and it expires on Dec 31st. But, I totally agree with it not being available 24/7 - I understand the reasoning behind, but this would mean that if you want to catch the 5:52 GO train into Toronto, you have no where to store your bike if you go to Charles st to catch the shuttle bus to the train station. ...maybe we could suggest having it open at 5 instead of 6?

Val Dodge

Bill, thanks for alerting me to the downtown secure parking. I signed up and used it for my car-free visit to Kitchener last weekend.

Facilities like this should be made more readily available for tourists and visitors, especially through the two hotels within bunny-hopping distance from the entrance. I've posted about my experience and additional thoughts on my blog: http://valdodge.com/2012/09/19/secure-bike-parking-in-downtown-kitchener/

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