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David Hendry

It constantly amazes me how upset some people get at cyclists. It isn't because of being slowed down either. I have driven heavy trucks and buses and although we hold people up at times I seldom encounter the kind of anger I find wen cycling. Part of it might be that they are afraid to piss off a guy in a big vehicle but I think it still comes down to many just believe we should not be allowed to ride on "their" roads. On the other hand if I was on that bike I'd have stopped and made sure that idiot got in front of me instead of waiting for the time he finally explordes and runs someone down.


I thought Doug Ford was in Chicago.

kim s

We need License plates on bikes so they can also be identified!


I've been running a camera for a few years now. About a year and half ago it went from my handlebars to sticking right up off the top of my helmet where everybody could see it. The difference in my treatment on the road has been very noticeable.


@David That guy had plenty of opportunities to pass. I've been in a couple of instances like this (once with a truck that dropped its snowplow behind me to scare me off the road) and the stubbornness gene sure kicks in fast. @Ryan Ha! @Kim Soon we'll all have dash-cams for the subsequent court cases.


While the driver is definitely an ass, is he actually breaking any laws?

I thought about this and could not come up with anything. He is obviously trying to intimidate the riders, but I don't know of any law, except maybe a noise violation, that would apply to excessive honking. As for his speed, I know in the US they have max and min speed limits, but I think they only apply on major highways, not on a road like the cyclists are riding on.

So the riders were going to notify the police ( a good idea) but what has the driver done that is illegal?

Leigh Hobson

@ Kim...yes there are cyclists that annoy drivers/break the rules...but they seldom kill people!


I was involved in a similar situation this summer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dHVeoxIYoI I guess my stubbornness gene kicked in as yours did Bill. I remained in the center of the lane and refused to give in to this road bully.

Kevin Love


I don't know about in the USA, but Canada's Criminal Code defines "Assault with a Weapon" to include threatening with a weapon such as a car.

So if someone in Canada is threatened by a car driver, then "Assault with a Weapon" is the appropriate charge for the police to lay.

For details, see:


John Rawlins

Is it possible that the angry driver is a senile old fool who doesn't realise that he can cross the double lines in order to overtake a slow-moving vehicle?

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