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Dave P

Great news! and with some nice weather remaining in 2012, get out there.

Bob Payne

Great news, Bill!


Good to hear, just in time to enjoy the fall colours.


Woo hoo! Great news! Hope you're enjoying these last days of summer.

Brian Gamble

This wimp rides nothing but off-road trails, and hates being off the bike for any length of time, and so understands how happy you must be. Go easy and enjoy yourself.

lagatta à montréal

Such good news!

And cycling is such good exercise, easy on the old joints. I guess you should also avoid steep hills.

Indeed, as per your other blog entry, an e-bike (for hills and other overly strenuous conditions) might be a good idea, on the condition that it is light enough that you can still do most of your pedalling yourself.

I have arthritis and without cycling would be in very poor shape; I can't run.

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