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Someone correct me - but the truck side guards seen on the 401 are NOT the same as seen in Europe. I believe the European guards are intended to be safety devices to prevent vehicles going under the truck. In Canada these are aerodynamic devices used to save fuel.

The European sideguards are made of heavy structural steel, the Canadian guards are lightweight bracing.


You are correct. The sideguards on trucks that I have been seeing are not sufficiently reinforced to deflect a cyclist away from the rear wheels or otherwise being dragged under the truck.


@Djpeplinski Like Bill, any sideguard I've seen (which isn't many) have appeared to do little for pedestrian/cyclist safety.

As for the speed limits? Listening to local (St. Catharines) radio and Toronto radio, it won't happen.
Toronto played up the war on cars and inconveniencing motorists, while local radio said it isn't worth it since people already travel over the speed limit and it isn't enforced.

There is little reason why residential roads aren't 30km/h and until main roads get proper infrastructure for cyclists/pedestrians, 40km/h is needed as well.

Joe Arruda

Hi Bill
just a reminder that the Share The Road ride this Sunday in Halton/ Milton


One of two things are needed for lower speed limits to work:

1) Road redesign to make fast driving feel less comfortable. Narrowing, introducing curves, etc can help with this. It's expensive though.

2) Bring back photo radar speed traps. This would be even more unpopular than #1, and require changes to provincial legislation, but it could easily pay for itself and help support police budgets.

The Uptown Transportation Summit on Tuesday seemed to suggest there was more openness to #1 than we might expect. (See http://real.uwaterloo.ca/~mboos/?p=946 for my summary of the night) Could still be a very controversial issue if the media and/or certain politicians decide to fan the flames of the 'war on the car' crowd.

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