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Bruce H

Bill, I wish that every cyclist like that could really see how invisible they really are, I suspect that they think if they can see the cars the cars can see them, or on second thought perhaps they don't think! I personally would think twice to even consider riding that road in broad daylight!


Bill WaterlooBikes.ca is planning on doing a pilot give away of free lights near the university November 5thish. When we're closer to implementing would you give us a shout out?


Also any recomendations on a light that's cheap, easy to install and effective. So far we're thinking along the lines of the flashing LEDs akin to those from Planet Bike.


Rob (Mk.II)

Was on my way home from Guelph last night and saw three cyclists on Woodlawn Rd near Woolwich. Was please to see that two of them had proper lights. The third had a pathetic 1 LED flash that seemed to be suffering from a dying battery. If it hadn't been for the ambient light of the street lights he could have easily been hit. Check your lights and batteries folks. Take a look at your lights through the eyes of a motorist. Be safe.


Bicycle lighting didn't seem to factor much in that coroner's report and there was no talk of making bicycle lighting mandatory or anything like that...

I think every new bicycle should be sold with some sort of lighting system. Plastic and LEDs are so cheap now there is no reason not to force manufactures and retailers to put lights on their bikes. I know crappy tire can afford the loss of a dollar or two on their bikes, and most LBS can eat the costs too or just use it as an opportunity to up-sell.

As for being on highway 7, there isn't much other choice in going to Guelph unless you're familiar with the country road, which most people aren't. It's not like there is a signed route system in this region people can follow to get to other places.

I don't think I've ever seen a PSA for bike lights...

lagatta à montréal

Dear Bill,

I usually enjoy your blog, but this time I think you missed a chance for a positive reminder of how much shorter the days are getting. I've been caught out without lights around that time in the evening at the end of summer | beginning of autumn too. Fortunately I was on a bicycle path, well-lit, in Montréal.

Really important to remember your lights, front and rear. Not very useful to call this cyclist a "moron". There is far too much name-calling and rudeness on web forums; usually you are thoughtful and polite.

However, there is no dress code for cyclists, and if people can't cycle in normal clothing (as long as they have the requisite reflectors and lights on their bicycles), then there is something with the road conditions, not the cyclist.

Here in Montréal, pretty much nobody wears "light clothing"...(I do have reflective tape on my bicycle bags, and there are reflective rims on my bicycle tires).

I have actually noticed a progression in the use of bicycle lights, in the last few years. Oddly, although this is the law in most jurisdictions, including in cycling-freindly countries such as the Netherlands and Denmark, there is little information about the law or enforcement thereof, at least where I live.

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