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...I also wonder about the timing - the Ride for Refuge is next weekend, and I know I was committed to that instead and definitely wouldn't be able to fund raise for both. I assume there were others in the same boat?

Kevin Love

I am always ambivalent about this sort of event. Health care is (and should be!) a provincial government responsibility, not a responsibility for private donors.

Why do I suspect that every dollar that I donate will lead to the government cutting a dollar out of the hospital budget?


That explains that! It's too bad and reminds me that Sunlife pulled there sponsorship from a Waterloo region wide annual bonspiel in favour of national sponsorship opportunities. It's not a charity but similar vein. In that situation some hard-working volunteers sought out a new sponsor in Home Hardware. With the larger companies employees working and residing within the region let's hope the corporate heads trying to market a national and international image don't forget the grassroots local community projects.

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