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"Lanced Armstrong" Nice!
I think "Liestrong" works well too.

The USADA evidence includes overwhelming testimony that L!@#$ was more than a user - he was a ringleader who coerced team mates to also become users. That exposes him to humongous lawsuits if he ever admits to guilt, or is found guilty. Ditto Livestrong, which he built on a base of fraud, has many donors who would also be able to file civil lawsuits. It seems that the lawsuits have already started, even without the verdict!

L!@#$'s own web of deceit now has him irrevocably trapped forever! Sweet! Serves him right.

I truly hope that the Livestrong foundation survives to continue doing good work.

The world-wide cycling peloton has already dropped him and will continue on down the road ever stronger.

Ditto USADA, UCI and WADA are strengthened through this and perhaps we'll see USADA take on the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL next!

David Hendry

As long as winners get to cash in millions and companies get to make millions, and fans continue to spend millions, people will cheat to get to the top. What seems to have slipped past the notice of so many is how it is that the men at the top of cycling saw,heard, and spoke no evil about this. A pox on all their houses, go get on your own bike and go for a ride for enjoyment or utility and stop paying o watch these athletic freaks doing anything they can possibly do to see who can ride fastest.

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