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matt todd

The Cycling Strategy's scant four pages are hardly worth reading.

The helmet and passing laws are covered - albeit in the appendix; not the plan proper as that part only offers, vaguely, something about legislation review.

The breadth of cycling in the province isn't covered. There are no clear reasons offered as to why any of this should get done. There are only vague references to a short list of benefits in the intro, but no specific benefits that Ontario is planning on capturing by embracing cycling.

I thought Ontario deserved better as far a bike plan goes, but, instead, this is what we got.

Mike Davies

This "Cycling Strategy" is rhetoric. It pays lip service to cycling without making any actual commitments, nor does it identify any real priorities. No firm programs will come of this, and there are no promises of any funding levels. It's pages are filled with many words that say a whole lot of NOTHING. This Strategy is beyond weak; it is impotent.

How about we get a "real plan" accompanied with a "real strategy" - plans and strategies with firm goals, reasonable timelines, actual priorities, real programs, and guaranteed funding commitments.


In case no one noticed, they highway traffic act has been updated with regards to maximum speed for an ebike, the definition now is as follows:

motor assisted bicycle” means a bicycle,

(e) that does not have sufficient power to enable the bicycle to attain a speed greater than 50 kilometres per hour on level ground within a distance of 2 kilometres from a standing start; (“cyclomoteur”)

Yes that right, you can now get leagally drive your ebike at 50 kph. I am willing to bet this is the approach they are taking to lane sharing, make the cyclist faster so they do not interfear with the cars.


There is mention of a helmet law. I took two screenshots of where it is mentioned.


Essentially if they will look at the negative effects helmets WILL have on cycling rates, there shouldn't even be a concern for an all age helmet law.


Mike, I think that's why they're asking for input... and why I already sent my comments in.



'fraid not. "Motor assisted bicycle" has always been the term for a moped. E-bikes are separate entities, and are regulated by a separate section of the HTA (actually, I think e-bikes are still classified as a "pilot project," so regulations for them are not in the HTA directly). The MTO has a handy page on what the different types of alternative vehicles are, and what the restrictions are on each of them:



I just spent an hour typing in comments. I hope the government is sincere in soliciting them.


Thank you! My turn.


@gingerbeard Just catching up on some comments. Dmatos is correct about the difference between motor-assisted bicycles and e-bikes. Motor-assisted bikes are essentially mopeds, and you need a licence to operate them. Not so with e-bikes. The speed limit for e-bikes is still 32 km/h.

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