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classy comment bill. too bad that a blog that wants to increase respect for cyclists can't extend the same courtesy to women. i've heard from a number of female cycling friends that they often get 'special' attention while out riding from leering morons driving by. perhaps one reason more women don't feel comfortable on our roads. sad to see this blog contribute to this lack of respect.




She may be distracting to drivers, but they will see her. Being seen is always a good thing. Her chances of survival in the urban jungle are better than mine are.


Yes, but in this case, people may be inspired to look AT the cyclist, for a change!!! Instead of at their danged cellphones or other gadgets. Or is that too much to hope for?


Oh man yeah it's totally funny and cool for drivers to be distracted and run people over and then it's of course the woman's fault too!

I gotta say this is a pretty tasteless post to condone not only ogling women as objects but also distracted driving is lame coming from the same person that decries "moron of the week" for driving mistakes.

This post is in poor taste... and the second comment proves the point the first comment made.

I'd also like to be clear that I have no problem with how Yvonne is dressed in that photo and she has more clothes on than I ride with in the summer so that isn't the issue, folks should be able to ride without being leered at by drivers. Bill would you be okay with me gawking your wife like this?

Cyclist extraordinaire

I think that it is great to view cycling as a social activity, where one might want to look good on a bike. It really is ok to be attractive and be on a bike too. I see no problem with this whatsoever.

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