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Steve A

No. Insanity is the cyclist that has to lock the bike up outside in the freezing winter. Bare hands can be painful when that u lock has frozen up.


Well, here in Calgary there are enough locals who still think winter cyclists here are crazy.

But yes, it does plunge down to -20 degrees C to -30 degrees C several times each winter. I've cycled as low as -20 degrees C...with dry pavement. However Jack, my partner, has studded tires to do his riding around here.

Peter Lehman

Riding through a Kitchener-Waterloo winter is messy but a breeze compared to my two Thunder Bay winters - my cold weather cut-off was -30 degrees C. A few cold toes but otherwise none the worse for wear. Most dangerous part of winter riding? The fact that streets are not kept bicycle friendly. Really never felt the need for studs, but knobby tires are a must, and the mountain bike earns its keep. Stay safe!

Ciclista Urbano

They just need to take a trip to Denmark or Sweden.

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