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This is a wonderful idea. I hope we can get it done.

Michael L

I love the idea of another long-distance rail trail in the area.

With regards to the kissing-bridge trailway, which would be a part of this proposed trail, I wish they'd complete a bridge over the Grand River. The current detour due to a lack of bridge is rather arduous.

In other words, I'd be happier if they completed existing trail infrastructure first.


Yes! Building Bridges - Connecting Communities is the goal of our annual fundraising event held for the Kissing Bridge Trailway! We are proposing suspended bridges over the Grand and Conestoga Rivers. The cost for bridges is substantial compared to opening up the next 70KM of trail!

You can Participate, Sponsor or Volunteer with Spring on the Trail | 2013. We challenge everyone to Get of the Couch and On the Trail! www.sprigonthetrail.ca

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