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We have sharrows and a number of "share the road" signs in our downtown (for a few years now).
Not sure how Kitchener is, but I find sharrows a complete waste of money here.

99% of people realize they share the road with bikes as it is, they don't increase a cyclists safety.

Here is a picture from two years ago of a sharrow and share the road sign in our downtown:

Peter Lehman

Nobody seems to have mentioned that the sharrows also remind the cyclist - not the car operator - of the obligation to take the lane when operation of the bicycle is dangerous beside moving vehicles. I hope more bicycles get stuck in traffic, not only for their own safety but also to increase visibility, awareness, understanding and respect for law abiding cyclists who have every right to safe driving conditions. I'll be the guy in the yellow jacket who is stopped in front of you with my feet still on the pedals. (It's safer. I can start faster.)

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