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"We" do. Those of us that cycle, those of us that wander towards this blog. The problem is that in north america, the car rules, and the social rules that apply to driving are that they own the road.

Just look at the fact that it is socially acceptable, expected, almost required to drive in such a way as to break the offical rules of the road. Driver consistantly exceed the speed limit by at least 10 kph, run yellow and even red lights. And should you be inclined to obey these rules, not only do you risk bein rear ended by another driver on the road, but you can actually be ticketed by the police for driving the speed limit when everyone else is speeding.

Henry Rasmussen

I feel that our general speed limits should be lowered to 40k. This will result in safer roads and less gas usage. I have noticed people "in a hurray" speeding to the next light and having to wait for a light change. I usually drive 40 k and stop much less,

Rob (Mk.II)

Bill I think it is a general lack of empathy. Take a look at the comments section of any article in your illustrious newspaper. People are stressed, insecure and in debt and being behind the wheel of the car can often give a sense of power and control. Routinely I see drivers using their cars to intimidate others through tailgating and deliberate charging. The roundabout at Homer Watson and Block Line is a microcosm of this. Also, look how cars are marketed and designed. Volkswagen runs ads of their Tiguan charging about in a parking garage, Mazda designs their cars to give them angry looking front ends. Drivers are both empowered and react to the aggressive appearance and behaviour and begin to see the other guy as a mere object or an obstacle.

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